Where & When

Singing Sundays


The Schola typically sings Mass in the Extraordinary ("Tridentine") Form once a month at 10:45 a.m. on the fourth Sunday of each month in the Chapel of St John the Baptist within Spetchley Park, Spetchley, Worcester WR5 1RS:



The table below lists the planned Singing Sundays for the current liturgical year.   These may be subject to change, sometimes at short notice, dependent upon whether sufficient singers are available on given Sundays.   Details of the specific music planned are provided at the foot of the page.

 AD 2015






 Sun 1 Nov
   All Saints
 Mass VIII   10:45 
 Sun 6 Dec    2nd Sunday of Advent
 Mass XVII   10:45 

 AD 2016

 Sun 3 Jan    Epiphany of the Lord
 Mass VIII   10:45 
 Sun 24 Jan    Septuagesima  Mass VIII   10:45 
 Sun 28 Feb
   3rd Sunday in Lent
 Mass XVII   10:45 
 Sun 20 Mar
   Palm Sunday
 Mass XVII   10:45 
 Fri 25 Mar
   Good Friday
 -   15:00 
 Sun 27 Mar    Easter Sunday  Mass I   10:45   EF
 Sun 24 Apr
   4th Sunday after Easter
 Mass I   10:45   EF
 Sun 22 May
   Most Holy Trinity
 Mass VIII  10:45   EF
 Sun 29 May
   Corpus Christi
 Mass VIII  10:45   EF
 Sun 26 Jun
   6th Sunday after Pentecost
 Mass XI   10:45   EF
 Sun 24 Jul    10th Sunday after Pentecost
 Mass XI   10:45 
 Sun 28 Aug
   15th Sunday after Pentecost
 Mass VIII   10:45 
 Sun 4 Sep
   16th Sunday after Pentecost
 Mass VIII   10:45 
 Sun 25 Sep
   19th Sunday after Pentecost
 Mass XI   10:45 
 Sun 23 Oct
   23th Sunday after Pentecost
 Mass XI   10:45 
 Sun 20 Nov
   Christ the King  Mass XI   10:45 
 Sun 27 Nov
   1st Sunday of Advent
 Mass XVII   10:45 
 Sun 25 Dec
   Christmas Day  Mass VIII   10:45 

 AD 2017

 Sun 22 Jan    3rd Sunday after Epiphany  Mass XI
10:45   EF
 Sun 26 Feb    Quinquagesima  Mass XI 10:45   EF
 Sun 26 Mar    4th Sunday in Lent  Mass XVII 10:45   EF
 Fri 14 Apr    Good Friday (TBC)  - 15:00   OF
 Sun 16 Apr    Easter Sunday (TBC)  Mass I 10:45   EF
 Sun 23 Apr    Low Sunday  Mass I 10:45   EF
 Sun 28 May    The Ascension of the Lord  Mass I 10:45   EF
 Sun 18 Jun
   Corpus Christi (Pontifical High Mass)
 Mass VIII  10:45   EF
 Sun 25 Jun    3rd Sunday after Pentecost  Mass XI 10:45   EF
 Sun 23 Jul    7th Sunday after Pentecost  Mass XI 10:45   EF
 Sun 27 Aug    12th Sunday after Pentecost  Mass XI 10:45   EF
 Sun 24 Sep    16th Sunday after Pentecost  Mass XI 10:45   EF
 Sun 22 Oct    20th Sunday after Pentecost  Mass XI 10:45   EF
 Sun 26 Nov    Christ the King  Mass XI 10:45   EF
 Sun 24 Dec
   Vigil of the Nativity of the Lord
 Mass VIII   10:45 


The Schola rehearses weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the Director's home on Croft Bank, Mathon, Malvern WR14 4DX.   The approximate location is shown below.   In addition a short rehearsal is held at 10:00 a.m. before Mass on Singing Sundays.   For more details please contact us.


Music plan

Details of the specific music planned for each Sunday are to be found in the Music Calendar:

Previous years' Music Plans - typically for Mass in the Ordinary Form - are provided below: