Schola Parva

The Schola Parva (or "Little Schola") provides music for Missa Cantata with simplified Propers at the Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form once each month.  This is on the second Sunday of each month but might change dependent upon other commitments.

Rehearsals only before Mass

There are no weekly rehearsals but rather a single 30 minute rehearsal at 10:00 before the 10:45 Mass on singing Sundays.   This provides an opportunity for singers to contribute to the Mass who for whatever reason are unable to attend regular weekday rehearsals. 

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the Schola Parva.


Missa Cantata

The Schola Parva will sing the Propers of the Mass reduced to simple Psalm tones to complement a selection of Gregorian Chant settings of the Ordinary of the Mass.  For example:

 Propers  Ordinary  
 Epiphany  Mass XVII (Advent & Lent)  
 Septuagesima  Mass VIII (Christmastide)
 2nd Sunday in Lent  Mass I (Eastertide)
 Passion Sunday  Mass XI (Sundays throughout the Year)
 Palm Sunday (1 of 2)
    Palm Sunday (2 of 2)
 Mass IX (Feast of Our Blessed Lady)
 1st Sunday after Easter  
 4th Sunday after Easter  
 Trinity Sunday  
 5th Sunday after Pentecost  
 10th Sunday after Pentecost;  
 14th Sunday after Pentecost  
 18th Sunday aftet Pentecost  
 23rd Sunday after Pentecost  

Low Mass with Music

On occasion the Schola Parva might alternatively sing a Low Mass with Music.   For this it is not permitted to sing either the Ordinary of the Mass (Kyrie, Gloria, etc) or the Propers of the day (Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, etc.), but rather suitable hymns and antiphons - preferably in Latin - may be sung during Low Mass.   Examples of appropriate music include:



Marian antiphons