Spetchley Park - Pipe Organ

The organ, located at the back of the chapel under the loft above the west door, is a two-manual mechanical action instrument.   It has a small specification and compact design commensurate with the size of the chapel.  The builder of the instrument is not known but, from its design, it is thought to date from 1900-1910 and certainly no later than 1920.

The organ is not currently in working order.


Each of the two manuals has a 56-note compass (from low C to high g3) and the pedal board is radiating and concave with 32 pedals - two more than then standard pedalboard.    Five ranks of pipes are provided:

 Swell      Gemshorn 4'               Couplers    Swell to Great
   Violin Diapason 8'
     Great to Pedal
 Great       Flute 4'
   Pedal    Bourdon 16'
   Gedackt 8'         

Both the Violin Diapason 8 and the Gedackt 8 borrow their lowest octave from the upper octave of the Pedal Bourdon 16.


Drawstops and couplers are disposed to left and right of the manuals.    The swell pedal is of the trigger type, opening and closing a single shutter at each end of the swell box.

Although the organ has been modified to use an electric blower (which is non-operational) a recent investigation revealed that it is still possible to inflate the windchest manually using the original pumping lever situated on the right end of the organ case, albeit that much of the air pumped in appears to be leaking out.

Further details may be found on the National Pipe Organ Register record for this organ.